Living Carbon
Plants Enhanced for Carbon Capture and Storage
How does it work?
Living Carbon works with the inherent power of plants, informed by generations of scientific research, to restore ecosystems, improve biodiversity, and enhance the ability of photosynthetic organisms to draw down and store carbon from the atmosphere. In short, they incorporate a photosynthesis enhancement trait to help trees grow faster. They've developed a metal accumulation trait so trees can absorb more metals in their roots and stem. More biomass and faster growth means more carbon capture. Their trees are unique in their ability to grow on degraded land with high concentrations of heavy metals
Why is it needed?
Living Carbons believes that the challenge of climate instability is the biggest opportunity for global mobilisation. It is an opportunity to learn how to use technology to rebalance ecosystems rather than further alienate us from them. Living Carbon trees accumulate up to 53% more biomass than control seedlings.
How does it improve life?
Living Carbon's mission is to rebalance the planet's carbon cycle using the power of plants and restoring ecosystems from the ground up.