Museum Manner
Eti’cat attracts visitors to participate in forming a cozy and pleasant environment in a museum.
In a journey of promoting proper manners in museums, the team focused on what many studies show: People tend to accept ‘Do’s more than ‘Don’t’s. We then noticed that most of the signs in a museum start with ‘Don’t‘ and the necessity of more friendly environment for visitors by explaining in details and listening to them. A cat was chosen as the mascot of campaign for their gentle and soft walk – an essential etiquette at museums. The fact that people pay more attention to images than texts led us to create a speaker with motions. The kitty ‘Eti’cat’ is the result of such in-depth researches on human behavior. Thousands of visitors showed interests on Eti’cat and voluntarily shared their thoughts on a display wall. Thus, people could see various opinions on proper manners and get fresh perspectives on the topic as well as some valuable knowledge. There were many positive reactions on social media too, giving credits to its clever and adorable solution to improve museum environment.