ZeroFly® Storage Bag
The world's first food storage bag with safe insecticides woven into the fabric to dramatically cut down grain loss

Without adequate storage, produce and grain harvested by farmers can quickly become infested with insects or fungi. An estimated 10-30% of worldwide annual food production is lost during post-harvest, aggravating hunger and resulting in wasted inputs such as fertiliser, irrigation water, and human labour.

To avoid this simple problem causing disastrous effects, the ZeroFly® Storage Bag is specially designed to protect grains and seeds against insect infestations during storage. Unlike other pest-control solutions, the bag uses insecticides that are safe for both food handlers and consumers using Deltamethrin as the active ingredient - an approved pesticide by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO). Made from polypropylene, the environmentally-friendly bags protect produce from weevils, moths, bores and beetles. They're also easy to use, stackable and offer long-time protection, as they don't need to be replaced for up to two years.

According to the World Bank, a simple 1% reduction in post-harvest losses corresponds to a gain of USD 40 million, with farmers as key beneficiaries. The ZeroFly® Storage Bag is a cheap and effective solution for farmers to protect their stock, and ensure more food security for a number of communities.

Designed by
Vestergaard - Switzerland