Wearable thermostat regulates your body temperature

Everybody knows what it’s like to be in a room where half of the occupants are freezing in sweaters, and the other half are sweating in short sleeves. Wristify solves that by individually regulating body temperatures and saving loads of money on energy costs.

Much of the energy cost incurred by most people is temperature related. It’s costly to heat or cool down a room artificially to achieve a comfortable environment.

In larger structures shared by multiple people with varying comfort levels, there might even be heaters running in one room and cooling units working in another. It’s an expensive problem – both to bank accounts and the environment. With Wristify, a single bracelet helps regulate the temperature of the individual wearer, rather than modifying an entire space. Not only does this solve the argument over how to set the thermostat, but it also saves a significant amount of energy.

The bracelet works by sending cooling or warming waves to the thermoreceptors on the surface of the skin. It’s comparable to the effect felt when a person dips their toes into a cool swimming pool, or places a warm washcloth on their forehead; the body responds to the contact by gently adjusting its own temperature.

Wristify is a discreet, safe way of ensuring individual comfort without excessive energy use or high cost.

Designed by
Embr Labs - USA