Room to breathe - the future of paediatric respiratory treatment

Ventum gives children with breathing difficulties the freedom to live, laugh and play with a compact respirator in the form of a backpack. It functions the same as a traditional respirator, but is free from the multiple hoses and cables generally needed to power and monitor a respiration system. It's also far smaller in scale in the form of a remarkably lightweight backpack suitable for children aged 0-6 years.

This age group is hindered so much by heavy, restrictive equipment that they sacrifice their ability to play and interact with the world as children without respiratory complications do. Ventum allows parents to monitor the system remotely via an App while the backpack itself works on a rechargeable battery. Should the respirator need adjusting or require urgent attention due to low pressure, for example, a critical alarm will sound on the backpack ensuring the safety of the child.

Children and parents working through the complications of childhood respiratory issues are freed from the severe limitations of regular respiratory systems. They can now safely shift their focus from the basic need to breathe, to the more human focus of growing up and enjoying the world together.

Designed by
Simon Fredriksson - Sweden