Flexible Space
Optimise your living space with moving walls

We are living in a time where more than half of the world’s population live in cities, and with limited space, adaptation and flexibility are the keys to comfortable urban living. Traditional homes often undergo many renovations over their lifetimes, and with each upgrade come a number of inconveniences, including noise, stress and a general overall chaos. And aside from the huge personal cost, these renovations generate millions of tons of waste every year. So why pour money and energy into rigid walls when you can purchase flexible ones and renovate your home in an instant?

The Flexible Space by IKEA provides the ultimate modularity and allows users to make the most out of any existing living space. As a movable partition with integrated furniture, the wall can instantly create a new space within a single room to meet any housing need.

Living in a studio apartment and have friends staying over? Simply divide the room with the wall, which can also be fitted with a fold down double bed. Or create a cosy living room, a walk in closet, or even a kid’s play area. When a space is no longer needed, fold the furniture back into the wall and move it back to its original position. Redesigning your home couldn't be easier!

Designed by
IKEA - Sweden