Shower Of The Future
A smart ‘space-technology’ shower system that works on a closed-loop to save huge amounts of water and energy

Showers are one of the biggest contributors to our overall domestic water consumption, that’s why we’re all urged to keep our bathroom time as short as possible. But with The Shower of the Future, users can be environmentally friendly without compromising their long, hot showers.

Imitating the same technology used onboard spacecraft, the shower works on a closed-loop system that requires only five litres of water - about a tenth of what traditional showers use. Once initially used, the ‘waste’ water is collected from the drain, purified, and then recycled back into the in-flow tank. The shower also saves over 80% in energy consumption, as it doesn’t have to reheat the water each time it's needed. User can also keep track of their water usage and savings by downloading The Shower of the Future app.

According to research performed by makers Orbital Systems, by using The Shower of The Future households could shave at least $1,100 US off their energy bills every year.

Not only is the shower great news for home owners, but its patented purification system has shown great potential for use in other fields. With its ability to filter out viruses and bacteria incredibly quickly, the technology could be replicated in resource restrained areas where freshwater is scarce.

Designed by
Mehrdad Mahdjourbi - Sweden