Got a great idea but don't have the tech or the know-how to get it off the ground? Sell it to Quirky and see your vision come to life

Everyone has the capacity to think of a good idea, from a very simple concept to the potentially life-changing. But not everyone has the knowledge, skills or money to make their ideas a reality. In the past few years, we've seen a number of funding platforms arise - Kickstarter for example - which helps designers and developers bring their plans to fruition through fundraising. But Quirky allows anyone, regardless of education or training, to be an inventor without having to worry about the cost or development.

Quirky works through three simple functions: invent, influence and shop. If you have a concept for a physical consumer product, you can log-on and submit it for purchase - however simple or complex it may be. Or, if you're not an inventor, you can still have your influence by voting as to which designs should be made. You can also earn money by providing feedback about the designs or by helping the Quirky developers solve issues during the process. Finally, when the development is complete, the idea is then made into a real product and sold in the Quirky shop!

By bringing these crowdsourced inventions to life, Quirky not only allows anyone to be the inventor but brings the world a new great product. So far, the team have realised 416 products and have a growing community of 1134 inventors.

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