Original Unverpackt
A new German supermarket chain goes packaging-free in a bid to dramatically reduce waste

Most of the time when we buy food, whether we know it or not, the packaging plays a significant role in our purchasing choices. But this fancy packaging doesn't only cost us money, it also takes its' toll on the environment. While wrapping may be essential for food hygiene, most of time it's just a plastic platform for advertising.

In Germany alone, 16 million tons of unnecessary packaging is thrown away every year - with this shocking statistic in mind, Original Unverpackt was born. After two years of research on how to successfully go packaging-free, the supermarket opened in Berlin in 2014 with the very simple yet effective concept. Customers bring their own containers and buy as much as they need, measuring their own portions and paying by weight. The supermarket stocks products predominantly from local producers who employ the same 100% zero-waste supply chains - allowing Original Unverpackt to lower its' carbon footprint dramatically, while supporting local business.

The supermarket already has thousands of customers per week as well as curious visitors from all over the world. To raise awareness and advance the zero-waste movement, the supermarket hopes to inspire other chains in Europe, followed by the rest of the globe. The founders of the supermarket also facilitate workshops for any businesses interested in going packaging-free, sharing their research knowledge and experiences.

Designed by
Milena Glimbovski & Sara Wolf - Germany