Facts, figures and faces of protests without all the noise

Social media has had a huge impact on protests around the world, but this mass of data can form an overwhelming stream of content that's impossible to keep up with. It’s also difficult for followers to separate the unfounded rumors and trivial information from the real data and important news.

CrowdVoice is an open-source service that allows people to curate content from across the web, creating a single place to go to for updates on breaking protest news. As a tool for democracy, tracks the voices of protests by organising and contextualising valuable data, such as eyewitness videos, photos, and reports. The platform also visually communicates social and political issues through hard facts, statistics, interactive infographics and timelines, which are organised by tags, specific topics and relevant citations. The infographics and interactive timelines provide a frame of reference to the hundreds of stories pouring in from all over the world. They are also crucial in putting together nuanced, comprehensive reports reflecting both hard facts and the human face of the issues.

Anyone can submit information to CrowdVoice, as well as contribute to the refined content by approving the submissions of others. Through this strategy the platform also brings to light to the hidden uproars the press don't have access to, or the important issues that receive little airtime.

As a means to facilitate awareness regarding global social justice movements, CrowdVoice gives the public a true overview of events, as well as an insight into the people's angle. Instead of checking the news or social media for updates, CrowdVoice gives you timely and credible reports about all the issues you care about.

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Mideast Youth - Behrain/Mexico