Half The Sky Movement
From oppression to opportunity – raising awareness and funding

Aiming to inform and empower, the Half The Sky Movement game allows players to walk in the shoes of women from all around the world - including Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Vietnam and The United States - facing a number of challenges including poverty, domestic violence, disease, and oppression.

Designed to give gamers a real insight, players begin in India living life as a young woman - caring for her family, carrying out daily tasks and working to earn a living. Along the way, she faces a number of challenges including decisions about vaccination and finding her way to financial independence. With every gaming quest completed, players are given the opportunity to donate real goods and services. These include medical resources and life-saving surgeries donated by Johnson and Johnson, and books and other learning materials donated by the Pearson Foundation. In addition, all the funds put into the game are donated to charity with 80% directed to the game's nonprofit partners based on players' selections, and the remaining revenue is directed to Games for Change and the Tides Foundation to manage, host and sustain the game.

Driven by the concept that information is power, the game allows youth to understand the challenges women face every day. And just by playing the game, everyone can do their own small part towards making a global change. So far the game has 1.3 million players, which has led to 250,000 books donated, US $204,900 in surgeries donated, and a total of US $502,500 generated in overall donations.

Designed by
Games for Change, Frima Studio & Zynga.Org - USA