Kids customise their own prosthetics with LEGOs

What’s better than your own limb? A superhero multi-function one that you created yourself. Kids use their imagination to make new limbs a reality.

Whether born with a deformity or victim to an accident later in life, children with missing limbs have to navigate every day life through the filter of disability. IKO strives to turn disability into functionality, creativity, and socialisation.

A limb is only a single part of a person, but losing one can dramatically impact self-esteem and personal identity. Similarly, those born with deformities are socially marked from birth as different. Growing up is hard enough without these added challenges in a child’s life.

IKO lessens these disabilities by giving kids creative control to design their own prosthetic limbs with custom add-ons like a laser pointer or a mixing spoon. The creative process is collaborative and engages disabled children, their peers, and families in a fun social environment. There’s almost no limit to what kids can dream up and build together using Legos and prototypes.

Having access to prosthetics is only one element of living a full life despite a disability. The social and psychological aspects are equally important, and with IKO, kids now have a non-threatening, playful way to approach these challenges.

Designed by
Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar - Colombia