Dryp enable utilities with a holistic decision-making platform for water IoT data-collection devices
How does it work?
Dryp monitor water levels in real-time using a network of distributed IoT water-level wireless sensors, which provide measured water data. They are easily installed and activated through our installation app. Dryp’s software then takes advantage of pattern recognition and prediction of signals traveling through the system. The received data, including the import of public and private data sources, are quality controlled and analyzed by AI and machine learning. Finally, the results are visualized through our web interface or mobile application.
Why is it needed?
Different rainfall patterns, urban populations, outdated infrastructure and the fear of flooding. Wastewater and rainwater have become part of both the global and local climate agendas. By taking different perspectives and agendas into account, it is possible to achieve more satisfying and cost-effective solutions.
How does it improve life?
The increased amount of rainfall, challenges the water infrastructures in the majority of the larger cities in the world. We simply cant afford not to work smarter, since changing the whole infrastructure will bankrupt the city. If we do not adapt for the rain effects of climate change, the consequences will be enormous masses of climate change refugees.