CopenHill is a social, and cultural icon where waste is transformed into heat and power for citizens
To create a power plant that local residents would celebrate, we added a social benefit for all citizens of Copenhagen. Where you would normally find concrete and asphalt, is a tall, sloped roof of the power plant that doubles as a year-round artificial ski slope, hiking slope, and climbing wall and is open for the public. As the cleanest waste-to-energy plant in the world, the building helps the city burn 70 tons of waste per hour and produces clean energy for 60,000 families while heating 120,000 homes. CopenHill’s nature roof park and hiking trail invites locals and visitors to traverse a mountainous landscape of plants, rockscapes, over 7,000 bushes and 300 pine and willow trees. CopenHill becomes the home for birds, bees, butterflies and flowers, creating a vibrant green pocket . Additionally, CopenHill harvests local resources, rainwater, daylight and natural airflows.