100 % linen textile hygienics products which aimed at feeling good when you need to be cure.
This project is a result of a partenairship with the CELC - Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre ( Linen and Hemp European Confederation ), and Lille Metropole 2020 / The World Design Capital. "Êtrelin" is based on linen qualities for hygienic products. Band-aids, make-up remover pads, tampons are bleached to match to the hygienic aesthetics that have become established in our society. Cotton, which requires intensive and polluting agriculture, is the most widely used material for hygiene, along with artificial and synthetic fibres. In the hygienic world, everything is thrown away after use. Bleaching, cotton and sanitary waste are health and ecological problems. Linen, a natural and low-polluting fibre, has hypoallergenic, antibacterial and healing qualities. It is part of a sustainable and compostable way in a non-bleached hygiene. "Êtrelin" is a 100% linen textile product range, between reusable and compostable, that provides care and well-being on a daily basis.