360° VR Space Safari
Experience our shared home as astronauts do
Over the past ten years, Ørsted has gone from a fossil fuel company to become the world’s most sustainable energy company. They have reduced their carbon emissions by 83% – faster than required by science to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. By 2025 they will be virtually emissions free. It has not been easy to change, but it was necessary. They want to share their optimism that it is possible to make even the biggest of changes, in only a decade. Space Safari project: We can’t send all of Earth’s citizens into space, but with 360° VR Space Safari we can get you as close as possible. Ørsted has teamed up with American and European astronauts to send you on a virtual space mission. They believe that if more people could see the world like astronauts do, it would create a greater sense of responsibility for our shared home and speed up green action.