Atlas of Emotions,
A map of human emotions and how they influence our lives.
The atlas consist of five circles and visualize the entire core of human emotion. Fear. Disgust. Anger. Sadness. Enjoyment. Reductive? Yes. But that's exactly the point of the Atlas of Emotions, a compelling new data visualization commissioned by the Dalai Lama. Based on psychology research and rendered by Stamen, one of the top data visualization firms in the U.S., the atlas was designed to "increase understanding of how emotions influence our lives." As soon as you load the site, you'll see that the five core emotions seem to ebb and flow with a certain randomness, like planets that may or may not be influencing one another with their gravitational pull. Every time you reload the site, you’ll see the positions change, so that you don’t put too much stake in their interdependent relationships.