Bridging Opportunities
A Building-Bridge-Park that connects an informal settlement with the richest area in the city.
IDB’s wants to build the new offices into the Barrio 31. An informal settlement of 45,000 people in Buenos Aires. Barrio 31 growthed under the ILLIA Highway, with bad living conditions, walled in the neighborhood, having just one way in and out (Retiro Station), 1 hour away to city jobs. Insecurity, crime and other problems can accumulate as a "social time bomb". In a very bold move, the city and the IDB asked themselves: What if we place the new building inside Barrio 31? With 4 conditions to have a social impact building: 1.The building had to be elevated for light and ventilation. 2.Elevating the building, open space was liberated, the public space. 3.Car connectivity in necessary for security reasons and everyday logistics of the Bank 4.A pedestrian bridge to public transportation over the railway train lines. So, ELEMENTAL asked: Why if doing the 4 point in 1 building? Yes: a 300 meters bridge-building-park. Connecting the Barrio 31 with the richest area of Buenos Aires.