The concept of script-writing is presented in the design through Chinese radical decorations.
Script-writing is the first step of film production. This is represented in the design through Chinese radicals, the root of Chinese characters. Each of them has a unique meaning, and can be grouped in different combinations to create new characters. White Chinese radical decorations stretch throughout the cinema. They are made from metal poles; scattered and overlapping randomly but elegantly to create a surreal and dreamy atmosphere. The floor was finished in dark brown stone terrazzo, where metal trimmings highlight the Chinese radical floor pattern. Rectangular boxes are staggered to form the Ticket Office table. The designers placed Chinese radical-shaped benches in the lobby for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. Neon light signages stand out from the background. Their shapes harmonize with the decorations to create an integrated feeling. The theme extends into the auditorium, brown and grey acoustic panels are piled up to create 3D Chinese radicals on the wall.