The project Duomino for two kids is a preschool interactive Desk with educational assembly of parts.
Rui Maia projected the desk Duomino for two kids, grew up in a family of craftsmen with 50 years of experience, tradition and laboro in the art of carpentry and furniture, now comes the third generation continued activity, he attended the Master degree in Industrial and Product Design at FEUP, conclude Post-graduate especializacion of Furniture Design in ESEIG/IPP and studied a technical course Project of Furniture Design in CFPIMM. He developed the project Duomino for two kids, an interactive preschool desk with educational assembly of the pieces between the tutor and children. The piece of furniture developed under the concept of Flatpack 2D for 3D, aiming at the use of a board of plywood in betula wood, with dimensions of 125x185cm and from which, to make the most of of the plate having the least amount of waste. The assembly of the pieces is all made by fitting without the use of fittings or any other type of union elements, its finish is a protective background of natural color.