Painting and smiling tutorials are a way to reach children and adolescents for their great creativit
education for children and teens) The benefit of these courses is that it is possible at any location and for any number of students. - method: First, we ask children to paint a free painting on the topic: The most extreme thing that comes to their minds. Then they draw a painting of something that does not exist. Let's put their paintings together, and the kids will say how they can shout ... and again they reach to a new idea. At the next session we give children a question (for example, an animal like fish can be a subject) At first the children write anything that affects the fish, such as sea, worms, tango fish, sea wave, fishing, etc.... Then there are some weird and funny fish between the fish and these new issues. For example, they change the position (catch the fish and hunt the fisherman, etc.), or maybe we can make a lot of things (for example, a huge fish and a lot of fish sticking to it ...)