Sea Badger Ship Hull Cleaner
Global shipping is a major CO2 emitter. The Sea Badger can clean ships, reducing emissions by 10%.
The global transportation industry accounts for 26% of the total CO2 emissions and the shipping industry is one of the main contributors, surpassed only by the automotive industry. If no counter-action is taken, emissions from the global shipping industry will have tripled by 2050! The problem is fouling by various species (sea weed, mussels etc.) increasing ships' fuel consumption by up to 40%. So far hull cleaning was cumbersome and time consuming and hence not feasable for the shipping industry. The Sea Badger is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) designed for cleaning ship hulls using powerful water nozzles. It works so fast that a hull cleaning takes up no extra time in a ship's tight schedule, which is crucial. Whats more, the cleaning can take place while the ship is at anchor outside the harbour area because the Sea Badger can work in waves as well as currents. The costs of a hull cleaning will easily be covered by the savings from reduced fuel consumption.