The waste-reducing search engine for secondhand shopping.
How does it work?
Faircado is a sustainable shopping assistant that aggregates second-hand offers from the most significant marketplaces into one platform to make users save time, money and the planet. For free. Users search for the product that they need in the Faircado search bar. Faircado then lists all available options to buy this product second-hand online; comparing their price and sustainability score. Users choose the option that suits them and click on the link to make the purchase on the selling platform.
Why is it needed?
The European Commission estimates that each European produces on average 5 tons of waste every year. Of which only 38% is recycled. Faicado despises waste – of time, of money, of resources. They created Faircado to tackle all three at once: a solution that increases the circularity of produced goods while making you save time, money and CO2 when shopping.
How does it improve life?
Faircado is on a mission to reduce waste on earth by making second-hand shopping easy & sexy - so that it would naturally become the first choice. They've taken the Circular First Pledge and are helping people transition for free from new to second-hand.