A Robot That Fills Your Home With Sunshine.
World’s 1st powerful, portable & cost-effective solution for bringing natural light into your home. Caia is a smart robot that finds and redirects natural light for you. Caia remembers where to send the sunlight and keeps it there all day as the sun moves. You can place Caia anywhere with no installation and she will brighten up your home or office with sunshine. Just set her in a sunny spot inside or out, point in the direction you want to light and Caia does the rest. And you never need to plug her in or recharge because she’s solar powered. Caia’s elegant design has an expert Italian eye behind the aesthetics. Clean, minimal and won’t detract from your home decor. Great engineering never looked this good. Caia has been designed with a tough outer transparent shell to protect her delicate robotic systems and sensors. She is weather resistant and can handle a reasonable amount of rain and snow during the winter months.