iWopi, I World of People to Inspire - Move for a cause
iWOPI connects people, business&social projects through donation of Km/miles to move for a cause.
iWOPI is the global network where people get in movement to change the world. It allows people to donate the kilometers they did during their physical activity and let sponsoring companies convert them into real charitable donation. It appraises the personal effort and stimulates healthy lifestyle. It generates real engagement between brands and people. It incentivizes the funding of social projects. iWOPI, as a global new method of communication, is an innovating way to implicate all society players in changing things for a better. It directly impacts on people physical, psychological and social health. It enhances the experience economy making companies more relevant and connecting them with the world through social and economic impact in order to give them new and better benefits. Nowadays the technology gives one person the possibility to mobilize thousands of others worldwide, and it gives us a big opportunity to change the world together thanks to our movement.