Solar Classroom In A Box
The future of education – solar learning labs transforming schools in Africa

Able to be installed in a day, the Solar Classroom in a Box ensures schools in off-grid areas aren’t left behind in the information age.

Africa accounts for over a sixth of the world's population, but generates only about 4% of the world’s power. In Uganda alone, 62% of districts don’t have access to electricity, meaning majority of the schools survive on the most basic and often dated facilities. Ensuring resource-constrained and offline communities still have access to a quality education, the Solar Classroom in a Box provides everything a 21st century classroom could need – all powered with field-proven solar technology.

Compact enough to fit in the back of a pick-up truck, the kit includes sturdy low-power computers, monitors and projectors all designed to resist the tough climate conditions. The computers also offer Wikipedia for Schools including 6,000 offline articles curated for educational use. In addition, the kit provides quality panels, charge controllers, batteries and all cabling. All equipment has been field-tested in rural Africa over the years and the integrated solar system is optimised for the computers and enables rapid, reliable deployment.

By providing all the components in a kit, the Solar Classroom in a Box can be installed in a day by a local handyman. The panels simply need to be secured and a hole put through the roof to connect to the batteries. This solar system solution is so flexible that site surveys aren't needed in advance.

So far, the classrooms have been deployed to over 180 rural schools in 10 developing countries, transforming education in remote areas and empowering thousands of students and teachers.

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