Embracing Life scalp-cooling cap
Cooling cap protects chemo patients from hair loss

Personal appearance is not the largest worry during a battle with cancer, but overall emotional well-being and the ability to carry on with life as normally as possible is essential to comprehensive treatment.

Chemotherapy affects rapidly dividing cells; 90% of human hair follicles are actively dividing at any given time, and thus are majorly impacted. Loss can be minimised, however, if blood carrying the chemicals introduced to the body during therapy can be kept away from the sensitive hair roots.

Developed by Paxman, the Embracing Life scalp-cooling cap slows blood flow to the area by lowering the area temperature therefore reducing chemical exposure. It’s easy to wear before, during, and after treatments, and patients report very little or no discomfort at all. The sensation is on par with the type of “brain freeze” one might get after eating ice cream too quickly.

It’s important to spare those with cancer from any additional distress during an already very trying medical treatment process. For some, losing their hair feels like a part of their personal identity is missing. This in combination with the stigmatism of serious illness that sudden hair loss carries can isolate patients from their communities.

Designed by
Paxman - United Kingdom