New product scanner takes food transparency to the next level

Dubbed to be your next sixth sense, the Scio scanner is the first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand.

In recent years, millions of Apps on our smartphones have been able to tell us almost anything we need to know instantly. But when it comes to knowing what our foods and surroundings are exactly made of – it’s not so easy to tell. Developed by a start-up business from Israel, the Scio allows you to know the chemical makeup of everything you come in contact with, opening the door for millions of applications in research, education, medicine and the environment.

Simply use Scio to scan an object – including food, medicine and plants – and have data directly sent to your phone. This information may include calories, sugar content and number of other useful facts. The scanner will have the capacity to answer a number of unanswered daily questions, like if your plants are healthy or when fruit will be ripe to eat.

The device works by using a tiny optical sensor called a Spectrometer – a tool that has been used in labs for decades, but has always been too large and expensive for every day use. The scanned data from the Scio device is then sent to the Consumer Physics cloud for analysis, and their algorithms then send back the results to an App on the users phone.

Like any other App, the more you scan the more data the Scio cloud collects, meaning all users can contribute to building the world’s first database of matter.

Designed by
Consumer Physics, Inc. - Isreal