Rapid Antibiotic Sensitivity Kit
A game-changing medical tool for treating UTIs

Getting urinary tract infections is a real annoyance. Providing a urine sample at the doctor’s, waiting a couple of days for results and then going back to receive treatment. Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a hassle. But, for people in developing countries, it's quite the challenge money and transportation-wise each time you get a UTI. And, if left untreated, incredibly painful and dangerous.

For many, urinary infections are a frequent occurrence. People who suffer from recurrent and complicated UTIs can have more than three episodes of infections per year and can even be hospitalised for 10-13 days at a time. But, Diagnochip has made a more efficient way of treating UTIs. Their Rapid Antibiotic Sensitivity Kit is able to determine the most effective treatment for UTIs in just a few hours and on site. 

Getting quick results is only one of the kit’s benefits. It’s suitable for the point-of-care, ensures adequate treatment and is available 24/7. Overall, the kit makes it easy for medical teams to provide correct, cost-effective and rapid diagnosis - cutting down the waiting time for results from 3-4 days to just 6-8 hours.

Right now, 80% of people living in rural and low-income areas, mostly women and the elderly, don’t receive suitable diagnostics nor treatment. Since UTI symptoms can be unique to the individual, it’s important they’re treated correctly and not with broad-spectrum antibiotics. In fact, some antibiotics can actually make things worse by making certain pathogens resistant to treatment. 

Since the kits have proven to be an effective, quick and robust solution, they’ve been approved for use in Spain, Africa and Chile. Studies show that almost 50% of the global population will experience a UTI at some point in their life, so making these kits globally accessible is surely needed.

Designers: Diagnochip SpA - Chile
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Diagnokar from The Index Project on Vimeo.