The Index Project
Index Award 2005 Finalists
iBOT™ Mobility System
A truly transformational device for people with physical disabilities

The iBOT™ Mobility System features an electronic balance system that is custom programmed and calibrated, allowing the device to constantly realign and customize itself to your unique movements. This system enables the device to offer extraordinary functionality in one product: Balance Function, Stair Function, 4-Wheel Function, Remote Function and Standard Function

Functionality and use of design
Stair Function: Enables you to climb up and down stairs, with or without assistance. Balance Function: Allows you to move around at eye-level and experience the world from a whole new perspective. 4-Wheel Function: Empowers you to climb curbs and easily traverse grass, gravel, sand, mud, puddles and other forms of uneven terrain.

  • Standard Function: Enables you to move around as you would in a traditional power chair.
  • Remote Function: Allows you or your assistant to detach the joystick and use it to power the unoccupied device into a vehicle for transport.

How did this design improve life?
INDEPENDENCE® iBOT™ 3000 Mobility System, a revolutionary mobility device unlike any other, that sets new standards for disabled peoples possibilities of getting around. With its amazing ability to climb stairs and curbs, raise you up to eye-level and navigate many types of uneven terrain, the iBOT™ Mobility System redefines the capabilities of a seated mobility device. The result of years of development, intense testing for safety, as well as input from wheelchair users, the iBOT™ Mobility System empowers the user with unprecedented levels of self-reliance and accessibility

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
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Designed by
Dean Kamen - USA