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Index Award 2011 Finalists
Anti Sleep Pilot
Prevents driver fatigue by alerting drivers when to stop for breaks

Globally, traffic accidents cost hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year. Fatigue-related accidents are responsible for 20 % of all traffic accidents worldwide and 40 % of single vehicle accidents. Current solutions to prevent driver fatigue caused accidents have predominantly been made available only in high-end luxury cars.

On his way home from a late-night meeting in 2007, the initiator, Troels Palshof, fell asleep behind the wheel and just narrowly avoided a crash. Frightened by this experience, he decided to develop a solution that would help people avoid similar situations. Unlike other solutions in the after-market, Anti Sleep Pilot is not designed to wake you once you have fallen asleep. Instead it helps drivers avoid dangerous situations caused by driver fatigue. Anti Sleep Pilot automatically registers your level of tiredness, maintains your alertness through simple tasks while driving, and it recommends a preventive break before tiredness becomes dangerous.

In the beginning of 2011, Anti Sleep Pilot developed an application for smartphones. It holds the same basic functionality as the Anti Sleep Pilot and the same potential to prevent fatigue related accidents. As the application is a software product that can be downloaded to existing smartphone platforms, it has the potential to quickly reach a worldwide digital distribution—without any environmental impact of packaging, production and transportation.

The Anti Sleep Pilot holds the potential of saving thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year.

Designed by
Thomas Gregers and Troels Palshof - Denmark