The Index Project
Index Award 2011 Finalists
Bware Water Meter
Bware raises awareness of water usage

Given the global water crisis, water saving is imperative and we must educate people today in order to use water more wisely tomorrow. Bware is a small device that informs the consumer of the amount of water consumed while the water is running. It can be applied to any domestic water source as a real-time display meter. The water flow passing through an internal generator powers the LED readout display and at the same time charges the backup battery that keeps the readout displayed up to two minutes after the water stops running. Bare is made of bio plastics, and all its electronic components are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Viewing the quantity of water consumed on the LED readout display will raise awareness of the need to save water and use water wisely. Wherever the device is applied it will not affect the water flow when the water is running. Washing hands will be the same but the LED readout display will properly cause the consumer to shorten the act to save water.

Bware states its purpose (Be Aware), it alerts and raises awareness by displaying the number of liters/gallons consumed in real-time. The device provides an effective way to raise awareness of water wastage and helps making water saving more tangible.

Designed by
Ariel Drach and Alex Sudak - Israel