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Childbirth Assistance outside Hospitals
A set of basic equipment designed to make childbirth outside hospitals safer and more comfortable

In Latin America, Africa and South Asia, more than 20 million women every year lack access to any kind of health institution to deliver their babies. Generally, they rely solely on midwives, who often lack even basic equipment.

This statistic inspired the Mexican designer Francisco Lindoro to enhance the experience of childbirth for all people involved. He designed a dignifying way to start life for babies by providing safe conditions for mothers and improving the work conditions for millions of midwives around the world.

“One of the three major causes of death related to childbirths for mothers and babies is infections,” explains Lindoro. My design provides a whole set of sterilized equipment that makes delivery safer and more comfortable, which reduces the stress of mothers during labor.” 

The childbirth kit comes in a container that keeps all the elements sealed and sterilized and is equipped with all the essentials needed for a successful delivery. It contains sterile hospital gowns and gloves, a birthing mat, scissors, an umbilical cord clamp, forceps, sutures and even a sling to carry the baby after birth.´

All of the instruments have been intuitively designed, explains Lindoro. “Every part of the process could be performed by a single person, so if the midwife is alone or in an isolated place she can perform every step by herself,” he said. “The appearance of each piece has also been designed with a soft and appealing look so it’s not perceived as a threatening piece of medical equipment, which helps to relax the patient.”

Designed by
Francisco Lindoro - Mexico