Open Green Map
A system of interactive maps that explore and highlight local green living sites

Open Green Maps encourage sustainable resources and greener choices with interactive maps that explore local natural, cultural, and green living sites. As a social mapping platform, it encourages everyone to participate with images, insights, and impact assessments, generating evolving maps with rich, sharable data that is easily available, updated, expanded, and explored in online, mobile, and custom formats.

“Energizing communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future since 1995, the Green Map® System is now encouraging everyone to share perspectives on local green living and model projects in an interactive, inspiring new way,” said the team behind the design.

The Open Green Map is a social mapping platform that makes everyday choices greener and healthier by highlighting thousands of local places where one can take action, experience the beauty of nature, enjoy local culture, and work together to achieve a more just community.

“Whether explored online or in mobile or offline formats, this platform has the potential to improve millions of lives. With engagingly designed universal Green Map Icons, it’s easy to get involved with sustainability and social innovations of all kinds.”

Using open technology, Open Green Map shares the public’s viewpoints and assessments about each of the sites they have experienced, spurring diverse participation in today’s booming green economy, “go local,” and ecotourism movements.

The design was initially created to complement the Green Mapmakers Tool Kit and is now used in over 50 countries.

“Open Green Map reduces technological and financial barriers to interactive mapmaking and global exchange. Celebrating successes, strengthening networks, and inclusively motivating action on a massive scale, thousands of communities will be enriched by its fresh design and hopeful perspective. “

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Green Map System