The first premium-performance cardiovascular PC-based Ultrasound system

Functionality and use of design
The Vivid-i is used for scanning, parametric imaging and analysis of the cardiovascular system in children and adults, as well as for intra-operative cardiac monitoring during cardiac and other surgical procedures. It can be integrated into a network with other scanners and review systems.

How did this design improve life?

Vivid-i brings state of the art medical technology to individuals at locations such as home, remote areas, accidents, and disaster areas. Individuals that did not once have access to this technology now do. Vivid i is also a more environmentally responsible product, including some of the following:

  • The number of plastic parts is limited and of a limited size
  • The material quantity has been reduced with magnesium reduced thickness
  • The packaging, shipping weight & size limit the energy needed for transportation compared to most products with equivalent performance

Drawbacks of life improvement
I see no drawback, but incredible progress. Vivid-i shows what could be the stethoscope of the future. Its flexibility allows it to realize a diagnostic where the patient is; in any place; near the accident, or at home, too. Being able to give care without moving the patient is providing unprecedented comfort, and is easing the patient’s life.

Research and need
Multifaceted research included numerous technological innovations resulting in unprecedented miniaturization, silent and cool operation, powerful connectivity and premium performance. Marketing research was conducted to capture current and future needs of portable scenarios and their demands on performance, ergonomics, connectivity and more.

Designed by
Melanie Augui, Jean-Michel Marteau & Caroline De Cock - France