Turbo Stove
Suitable for both frying, boiling and roasting, this stove can be assembled by hand in 20 minutes or less

A Turbo Stove releases minimal emissions of smoke in respect to toxic carbon dioxide (CO) and other respiratory particles which otherwise pose a threat to the health of women and children. With respect to women, Improvements in this field in health, safety and convenience enjoy top priority.

Functionality and use of design

  • The concept of sustainability is foremost, Because of its basic technical design, duplicating the Turbo Stove on the local level is feasible.
  • This cooker belongs to the group of metallic, one-pot, chimney-free, portable and bio-energetic cookstoves.
  • It is efficiently fabricated from the stage of plain metal sheet to semi-finished assembly kit. The kit itself is a comprehensive unit consisting of seven parts which are separated by hand for final assembly.
  • When assembled, the Turbo Stove generates excellent combustion based on a special combination of primary and secondary air flow through the combustion chamber. The primary air flow can be regulated by the two-level adjustable grate as the preheated secondary air enters the combustion chamber through holes in the inside wall. The process is based on thermal expansion acting between the two walls.
  • Preheated secondary air is pressed into the combustion chamber by thermal air expansion between the two walls, which are heated by fire in the combustion chamber

How did this design improve life?
Turbo Stove - A New Cooker that Operates on Bioenergy.
Hundreds of various types of stoves made of stone, clay and sheet metal have not been able to solve the problems related to the preparation of food by women under conditions in the developing nations. Regardless of the catastrophe-related causes, people require food and firewood. Amongst all the food shipments, tents, pots and cauldrons, there has been a distinct lack of cookers incorporating bio-energetic and other agricultural waste materials in their heating systems.

A new cook stove capable of acceptance by large groups of people in various cultures must fulfil a considerable number of different requirements. The Turbo Stove has been planned to meet the following user demands, among others:

  • low in purchase price
  • economical in use
  • versatile in fuel options

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
The development of Turbo Stoves took ten years. Tapio Niemi acted as Information Department Project Supervisor in Kenya and The Sudan for Enso Forest Development Ltd. It was his responsibility to develop the forest-related counselling and information organization. In practice, this work concerned the development and educational training respective to agroforestry models as well as nursery gardens, water collection systems and counselling methods. Turbo Stoves originated in response to local population needs: a well-functioning wood-burning oven had not been available.

Designed by
Tapio Niemi - Finland