📣 Fun(d) News - 09/20
Headlines of September featuring what3words, Zipline, Ava and more

Zipline drones are flying into new territories every single month  and September is no exception. This month, Walmart announced its partnership with the medical drone company to start delivering health and wellness product by air to customers purchasing online or through the Walmart app. The first drones will take-off early next year and promise one-hour deliveries within an 80km radius, 50-miles, of Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The deal is another milestone for Zipline this month, where they also announced reaching 200,000 deliveries since the company's launch. Three and a half months ago they were at 100,000.

Ava is presenting some new features to its captioning tool. The new Office & Remote Work service makes life easier for the deaf and hearing-impaired in the physical and digital workspace. Whether it's an online meeting or even a water-cooler conversation, AVA's live captioning is fast and accurate, and it can even be customised to fit your workplace's lingo! Best of all, this new feature provides a low-cost way for companies to be inclusive. And, Ava Web is now available for one-click caption activation, free for all Ava users.

Wefarm got a makeover. The redesign, created by UK creative agency BMB, is a visual extension of Wefarm's mission to connect small-scale farmers and help them maximise their economic potential. Its visual cues are about conveying connectivity, growth and farming. “As Wefarm enters the next stage of its growth, we're working hard to deliver on our vision for the millions of members rapidly joining our community," says Wefarm's VP of Growth Alex Sonnenburg to Adobo Magazine. "BMB’s work on our brand is a vital step as we expand our presence, and the result is an inspiring visual representation of what we stand for.”

Lastly, one of the leading consumer delivery companies in the UK has joined forces with what3words. Hermes delivers packages on behalf of big online retailers such as H&M, ASOS and Debenhams, and now customers and retailers can get their orders delivered to exact locations. The partnership helps Hermes reach their standard 400 million deliveries a year more effectively and safely. As online orders have skyrocketed during the lockdown, what3words themselves have seen a whopping 833% increase of their system being used on the checkout pages of retailers.