Circuit Scribe
Metallic conductive inks for consumer electronics, wearables and e-textiles

Citizen-led science and discovery is a global movement gaining fast momentum. At the heart of this industry are DIY tools and kits, designed to democratise expert knowledge and specialised skills. Many of these solutions target children, as seen as a way to prepare them for a very different, very digital, future. One of the leaders within the industry is Electroninks, a company all about creating low-cost, high-quality electronics.

Created by Electroninks, Circuit Scribe is a ball-point pen containing silver conductive ink that can be used to draw circuits instantly on flexible substrates like paper. This revolutionary pen uses a non-toxic conductive silver ink for both newbies and experienced makers to have fun with electronics in a new way. By allowing users to create circuits the same way they write their name or draw a picture, the barrier of entry into the electronics world is lowered dramatically. Since the goal of Circuit Scribe is to make circuitry accessible to all, they make sure to always provide free educational content for use with their products. They encourage users to take the laws of electricity they learn and turn them into something functional and beautiful.

Electroninks Incorporated was founded as a university spinout from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). The team comprises materials scientists, formulations specialists, and designers developing inks and products for consumer electronics. Since our founding, Electroninks has been adopted in many consumer electronic devices as well as having their own consumer product, Circuit Scribe.