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🎧 Podcast: A Martian perspective
Can striving for Mars save humanity or can striving for Mars save Earth?

The deep-dive begins! First up, we chat to AI SpaceFactory Founder and CEO, David Malott, behind the NASA-recognised Mars habitat MARSHA (Index Award 2019 Winner). Malott is an architect and self-professed space geek, who after spending years designing some of the world's tallest towers —three to be exact— turned his attention to the extraterrestrial.

In Episode 01, we chat about designing for the red planet, the possibility of interplanetary living, and why space exploration is critical to achieving quantum leaps in design and tech.

"It's like a very high-tech stone age; once upon a time, humans would build with the materials they found around them," says Malott. "When you go to Mars, it's like putting you back into that very early context we had on Earth... It's that new context that allows us to develop technologies to return us to a state of greater symbiosis with planet Earth."

The Series
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