Pilot Translating Earpieces
An instant translator in your ear

By 2020 the World Tourism Organization estimates that there will be 1.6 billion international trips taken every year. As globalization increases, language barriers will continue to be a major hurdle for families and organizations in international trade as well as in medicine, hospitality and education.

The Pilot Translating Earpieces are specially designed earpieces designed to remove language barriers. Anyone wearing the device can communicate with someone of a different language while the Pilot translates what’s being said. Using the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and the advances of wearable technology, the smart Pilot earpiece allows wearers to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other. Simply put, when one person speaks, the other person hears it in her language. The Pilot comes with free access to French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English. And users can purchase additional languages in the fall of 2017, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and more.

So far, Pilot has impacted around 25,000 lives (people who have pre-ordered the earpiece), and as the WaverlyLab company grows, they will have a larger impact on the international community. Language barriers are one of the greatest global challenges. Now, after 3 years of development and with the following of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, the positive impact of Pilot is becoming clear.