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Index Award 2017 Finalists
Too Good To Go
An app for buying leftover food from nearby restaurants

If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world; a huge problem that should not exist on such a scale. But by recovering just 50% of this wasted food globally, though, the entire world could be fed.

Too Good To Go is a hyper-local app that links its user with delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away at prices from as little as £2 and a maximum of £3.80. Through the app you can order delicious food (that would otherwise be thrown out) from great local restaurants, cafes and bakeries, collect it up to an hour before closing time, and enjoy it on-the-go in an environmentally-friendly sugarcane box. Users also have the option to donate meals to the homeless - delivery and practicalities are all arranged free of charge by Too Good To Go. It is all about feeling good whilst eating well.

The Too Good To Go app is active in Denmark, Germany, and France, and the company’s mission is to save food, save money, and save the planet by placing the lost value back onto food as humankind’s most valuable energy resource, and not something that should just be carelessly throw in the bin. So far, 1.000.000 meals have been sold through the app - the equivalent of more than 1,500 tons of co2 - and over 4,000 users have signed up to help sell more good food, before it goes bad.