Nikola One
An electric truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

Diesel trucks move a majority of the world's goods more efficiently than any other vehicle type. However, diesel emissions are one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution worldwide, and are expected to remain so, with large increases expected in the number of vehicles and miles traveled. Diesel emissions are known to cause cancer; cardiovascular and respiratory disease; air, water, and soil pollution; and are a significant driver of global climate change.

The Nikola One is the first zero emissions hydrogen-fueled electric semi-truck. Offering superior performance, safety and cost savings, the Nikola One can save companies money and help them transition from heavily polluting diesel trucks to a zero-emissions vehicle The Nikola One has a freight efficiency 75% greater than a diesel truck and utilizes a fully electric drivetrain powered by high-density lithium batteries. Its energy is supplied on-the-go by a hydrogen fuel cell giving the Nikola One a range of 800 to 1,200 miles.

Never has a production model class 8 truck achieved best-in-class fuel efficiency while also dramatically improving performance over its diesel competition – all with zero-emissions. The Nikola One leasing program will include unlimited hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance during a 72-month term. So far, deposits for than 8,000 trucks have been made.