MAGNETUDE is a ready to use paint containing very fine iron particle. It is available in latex/glyptic paint in aqueous phase for consumers and in glyptic paint with solvents (white spirit) for professionals only. Specifics formulations are available for industry purpose: screen-printing, accelerated drying time.

Functionality and use of design
The paint is ready to use. But it’s very easy to dilute with water (up to 5%) in order to make application easier. Apply the coat either with a brush or a roller or even a Spray gun: Shake while coating.

MAGNETUDE is efficient after two or three coats. It may be used as a finish or covered by classic finish paint, slate paint for an effect wipe clean vinyl board” finish or even by thin wallpaper.

How did this design improve life?
Set your decoration free!

Basically, Magnetude is an innovative paint containing fine metal particles making all surfaces sensitive to magnetism. Its creator, the designer Nicolas TRIBOULOT, wanted to offer interior design which frees the user from the classical gluing and screwing constraints that mark the surface for good: magnets adhere directly to the surface.

MAGNETUDE is an advantageous alternative to traditional magnetic boards: less costly, no fixing constraints and applicable on surfaces of all sizes, flat or curved, horizontal or vertical.

MAGNETUDE may also replace a sheet of iron pasted on wooden panels, which makes subsequent cutting or piercing easier. Thus, depending on the user’s artistic skills, MAGNETUDE will be able to turn the walls of a living-room, bedroom, kitchen or office…into a playground or a nomadic decoration area.

We may as well conceive habitations where all the furniture could be fixed with magnets on supports coated with Magnetude. As an example, Nicolas TRIBOULOT has designed a full nomadic house called “Modul’air” (see attached pictures and videos), as a result of multiple combinations of Magnetude, magnetized furniture and various elements of decoration.

MAGNETUDE is the ideal tool for creating progressive designs: the decoration becomes nomadic, the arrangement adapts more easily to new fantasies, and the objects may be moved and rearranged on the surface simply using magnetism.

MAGNETUDE was certified according to the TOY STANDARD NF EN 71/3 which has opened up a world of possibilities giving access to producing children’s equipment with numerous applications in the field of games and decoration: applied on walls or furniture, accompanied by magnetic accessories (games, puzzles, friezes), it enables the children to give their play area a three-dimension look and to express their creativity decorating their living space on their own.

MAGNETUDE is harmless: it contains neither lead nor heavy metals. It does not contain COV as well. MAGNETUDE does not cause electromagnetic disturbances (Magnetude is not a magnet; it is an “inert” material).

Drawbacks of life improvement:
Magnetude is not fit for lazy people : the more paint you apply, the stronger the magnets hold on the support. A minimum of two passes of Magnetude is required to hold thick documents or flat objects. But some would say that applying paint is more relaxing than screwing!

Magnetude is a light gray undercoat. Unless you are found of grey, you have to apply a top coating, or even thin wallpaper. But is it more inconvenient that using conventional undercoats?

Research and need
Nicolas Triboulot has been amazed by the magic of magnets since he was a child.

Today, as a designer, he has not completely stopped to be a child. Few years ago, he was working on a concept of innovative small wireless lighting called “Elfe” looking like a sharp stick of opaque Plexiglas. Like a candle the lighting was supposed to enlight the user in any situation: dining, reading,... The question was precisely how to hold the stick!

Remembering the days long before when he was playing with magnets, Nicolas adapted 3 magnets on the lighting and fixed it... on the fridge. Not really happy to restrict the usage of the former full nomadic lighting to cooking or snacking time, he decided to mix conventional paint with iron powder and test how it would react to magnets. He applied it on a wall in the agency’s meeting room. As a miracle, the lighting stock to the wall! That was how the story began!!!

After this first climax of the project, it took more than a year of development with the paint manufacturer S.L.P.V., 127 prototypes and 5 acceptable versions to obtain a product that combines full magnetic efficiency, easiness to apply and that can be store one year without rusting, getting lumpy or turning into sediment.

Designed by
Nicolas Triboulot - France