Airman is made like a cape, only with an “air tank”. This tank is only inflatable by running fast forward at as high a speed as possible. Will also work by standing still, facing strong winds at the right angle. Airman is warn like a coat, but has no sleeves.

Functionality and use of design
By combining physical activity, rest and mobility.

How did this design improve life?
Laughing makes life worth living. Allow yourself to go crazy and become a superhero.

In a world where most things are predictable we sometimes need to break out, give in or just simply spin off the potentially dangerous route towards eternal boredom. Improving life is about getting the best out of it. Airman gets you in good physical shape and stretches cupids bow for any period of time. Please note, that there are no certainties for a successful laughing experience, however tests on “normal” people have shown a very high rate of 99% amusement among all testies.

Drawbacks of life improvement
Many may see the design as totally pointless and we are aware of the fact that many may enjoy the sitting part better than the running, but as a small attempt to solve this problem we have built in a de-inflating mechanism only allowing for the user to sit for a certain amount of time, before action is needed to re-inflate the Airman. Why? Because we see Airman as an active design, otherwise there are colleagues of ours who have made brilliant chairs for a more passive use.

Research and need
Well as mentioned above we have been trying to get some level of activity into the usage of the design. Imagine a school class. It has been said by many that having kids being physically active improves learning abilities. But in today’s average classroom the children are only active when asked to. Any other activity could be seen as an attempt to “sneak off”. All studies provide us with fact one way or the other that kids need movement. With Airman it becomes “Legal” to be active. This philosophy does not stop with school children. Imagine any work or home situation………………….Imagine.

Designed by
Gopingpong - Denmark