Board game transforms individuals into change agents
Board game transforms disconnected and indifferent employees into ambassadors for sustainability.
Get Closer to Nature is a board game about sustainability facilitating knowledge sharing, co-creation and innovation. The game was developed for Arla Foods who has a global ambition of becoming more sustainable, however, many of their employees felt disconnected and indifferent to the issue. To meet that challenge, Arla engaged all employees by letting them play the game thereby making them aware of the green initiatives already implemented and inspiring them to co-create and innovate in order to take green actions locally. The game has 5 steps: The players select the part of the game that is most relevant to them They explore existing initiatives to find inspiration for their local solutions They share observations of their workplace They come up with ideas based on the inspiration and insights on the game board The ideas are voted on The game is designed by Workz. The graphic universe is designed by Open who also assisted Arla as an advisor on the overall campaign.