The Upright Newborn Bag-Mask
Reusable newborns bag-mask that is easier to obtain mask seal and provide effective ventilations
One in ten babies need help to start breathing. 90% of these babies can be saved through basic interventions such as simulation and bag-mask ventilation. The Upright is a reusable bag-mask for newborns designed to make it easier to obtain mask seal and provide effective ventilations. It has an improved mask design and an upright stance of the bag. Other improvements include a collapsible bag design for storage and transport. Compared to current bag-masks, the Upright has fewer parts, making it easier to clean and disinfect. It’s designed to undergo high-level disinfection in low-resource settings so that it is safe for reuse. A study from Tanzania and Norway showed that students preferred and performed significantly better using the Upright compared to a standard bag on a newborn simulator. This product complements the training program Helping Babies Breathe, now implemented in over 70 countries. In a Tanzanian study, this program reduced early neonatal mortality by 47% (Msemo et al).