Globalance World
The first public platform that empowers people to make sustainable investment decisions.
How does it work?
Globalance World offers a free-to-use personalized digital world map that allows users to discover the extensive impact and returns of their investments. They can dive in and assess in real-time how sustainable and future-fit certain investments are and compare different portfolios. Users can search among over 10,000 assets (including stocks, funds and bonds) and see how they perform in relation to warming potential, footprint (related to economical, societal and environmental topics), megatrends exposure, and financial return. To measure these criteria, Globalance Bank relies on their Globalance Footprint data, that is based on raw data from several specialized third parties.
Why is it needed?
Our investment choices can make a big impact on where the world is moving towards. With a tool like Globalance World, we can make better choices about how we allocate our investments and contribute to a better future. Furthermore, the platform provides transparency on which investments have a positive impact on the world and which do not. This helps to highlight the true value of certain investments, not only in terms of financial gains but also for the benefit of the world as a whole. Ultimately, Globalance World creates a mind shift by showing people that their money has an impact on our globe and that with their investment they can positively influence the direction in which our planet is moving.
How does it improve life?
The center piece of the online platform is a 3D globe. This 3D globe visualizes the unique data from a perspective of the warming potential, footprint, megatrends and financial returns. By using this visualization, users see the direct impact certain investments have on their portfolio and our globe. The pebble shaped micro visualizations provide users with a concise overview of various aspects of a specific investment, allowing for easy comparison of multiple investment options. Users can track the performance of their investments over time across multiple factors, compare different portfolios, and access articles that provide new insights. Ultimately this 'Google Earth for investors', sets a new standard for investing in the financial sector and encourages everyone to invest their money in a way that benefits the world.