Inu network
Network of floating islands around Arctic that is a ground for wind turbines with some more benefits
How does it work?
The project is a network made of numerous islands which form the ground for wind turbines. these islands are made in three different levels. First is the upper level that stands out of the water and has a flat surface with some circular ramps on it. The second level consists of huge towers of air capsules that are responsible of keeping the islands afloat. And the last level is a heavy mass which is placed beneath the capsules and its job is to stabilize the island. For more stability, all the islands are connected to each other in a hexagonal arrangement. The arrangement is fixed by many strong mechanical arms that bind the islands together. finally the location of the whole network in the ocean is secured by some anchors and towers that connect the network to the ocean floor.
Why is it needed?
The reason behind investigating on sustainable projects is to save the planet. This mission becomes specially important when it comes to the energy sector which is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The ideal target on this field is to produce electricity without pollution. To achieve that, the INU project suggests to array a large number of wind turbines around the arctic to harness wind energy. this mega wind farm is capable of replacing many unsustainable methods of producing electricity. More to that, the arctic itself needs to be preserved in order to have a normal climate on this planet. saving the Arctic become specially important in the light of knowing that some countries and mega companies are looking at this tragedy as an opportunity for making more money and use it as a shorter transit route. Therefore, this project is a counter plan that slows down the melting of the Arctic and a reserve plan to save the Arctic ecosystem in case of the total disaster.
How does it improve life?
This project will provide the continents Europe and North America with considerable amount of green energy. This amount of sustainable energy will eradicate the need to burn fossil fuels to make electricity which consequently reduce the production of hot-house gases in northern hemisphere. This reduction will slow down the speed of rising global temperature or may even help to reverse it. The other important function that this network is designed to deliver, is to block the small ices from drifting away from the Arctic and melt fast in warmer currents. This blockade will reduce the aggressive pace of rising water level that already effects lives of millions of people in coastal areas and island nations. In addition to that, this islands are designed to be a sanctuary for Arctic animals and save its ecosystem from extinction. The ecosystem that is huge enough that its absence could have drastic effects the on other ecosystems on our planet.