Rollerball itch relief
The eczema itch reliever that never scratches.
How does it work?
The rolling mechanism ensures that no drag exists on the skin, regardless of how vigorously it is used. Made of stainless steel, the rollerball is cooling to the touch even at room temperature so users can further soothe their inflamed skin.
Why is it needed?
Most eczema patients scratch until the skin is torn, becoming stuck in the vicious itch-scratch cycle. Most scratchers in the market involve conventional scratching or are unsightly for public use, which usually led to skin damage and discomfort for the user.
How does it improve life?
This design seeks to provide the user with a sensation that is relieving yet safe. When rolled over their skin, textures on the rollerball press into and interrupt the itch pathways to help patients overcome the itch. This itch reliever is proposed as an intervention tool that allows the users to safely lose themselves in the moment of unbearable itch so they don't feel helpless and guilty during flare-ups.