The power of Artificial Intelligence combined with a friendly personal health assistant
How does it work?
Meet juli, your new state-of-the-art personal health assistant. Have you ever wished you had a doctor keeping track of your wellbeing, reminding you when to take medicine, monitoring your self-reported data, and constantly looking out for patterns and triggers for good moments and bad? juli is an AI-powered app for anyone with chronic conditions. juli collects data from various sources (phone, watch, environmental data, Electronic health records and patient’s self reported data). Only the data you’re comfortable sharing is collected - you’re in control at all times. The information gathered is continuously checked by juli’s powerful AI software, designed and supervised by doctors. Based on the analysis juli will offer practical recommendations and to help you to set wellness goals and achieve them.
Why is it needed?
juli supports people with chronic health conditions like asthma, migraine, depression, bipolar disorder, hypertension or chronic pain through a number of evidence based approaches. It can be overwhelming learning how to manage your health and unclear what can make symptoms better or worse. juli is here to help.  
How does it improve life?
Good doctors begin their first meeting with a new patient by learning as much as they can about you. Every patient, every person, is unique and has needs and nuances that go far beyond a superficial diagnosis. juli understands this, so the first step when you load the app is for juli to get to know you. Once juli has “met” you, she will keep track of your wellness in several ways:  Passive: set up juli and let her do her thing! Your wearables will send her data and she’ll keep it all in one organized place.  Active: you can add information whenever you like. Whether it’s notes on what you ate before a migraine or how rested you felt after a rough night, add whatever you need, whenever you’d like to. The more information that juli has about you and your wellness, the better she’s able to help.